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Laredo Western Town is an ideal Filming location, and just twenty miles from London. Western street scenes are as authentic as any 'old west' town you would find in the United States. All the building interiors are fully furnished and correctly decorated to the period. The Hotel floor space is 15 mts x 12 mts so if the weather is inclement you can transfer inside. The town accoutrements are fully researched and would have been used within the time period that the Laredo Western Club portrays in its objectives. Our Western Town is a completely unique experience that is not available anywhere else in the UK or Europe.

We also have private gated off-road parking facilities for 30 plus vehicles. The car park is approximately 130 meters from the town across an open field, so should the field be water logged your equipment would have to be carried across it, we have trolleys and wheel barrows for you to use. Most times during the late spring and summer when the field is dry you will be able to drive your (equipment vehicles only) to the perimeter of the town. We also have on-site toilet facilities.

Laredo and its lands are private. Site visits are strictly by appointment only.

Please contact, Jolene Truder email - 

 Site meetings can be arraigned for most days

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