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Laredo Western Town Film Location


This facility is just twenty miles from London. All the building interiors are fully furnished and correctly decorated to the period. All available props are fully researched and would have been used within the time period. This resource is unique and is not available anywhere else in the UK.


Latest News. Open for business!

Laredo town recently suffered a major fire destroying six major buildings and nine smaller cabins. The town is still open for business and is now in the process of rebuilding. As the refurbishment continues it is still possible for location filming, promo, etc to continue. In fact, the town members have taken this opportunity to rebuild in such a way that the wooden re-constructions work will look part of an American ‘Old West Town’ development back in the 1860s.

Laredo Western Club is none profit making, financed by its members and guest fees. Film work payments are also a major factor in financing the town’s development and maintenance program. Without these benefits, Laredo Western Town as a British film location would struggle.

Laredo has hosted the making of many movies such as Finding Neverland, Homes and Watson, Dark Country, Blood Moon. The TV industry has for many years used the town to produce programs such as French and Sounders, Red Dwarf, Mid Summer Murders, The One Show, and currently Toast of Tinseltown. The Town is a popular location for making music videos such as Elbow, Charley Fink, Rockabilly Bob, just this month Will and The People shot Money. Advertising shoots have also been popular in recent years. We also host children’s charity events as part of our free education policy.

This is only a small sample of how Laredo has become a major and important British institution not only as a film location but most importantly an authentic western town for re-enactors from all over the UK, Europe, and beyond.

When the devastating news broke about the fire a nationwide appeal was set up by the local village residents to help finance the rebuilding of Laredo. If you wish to donate the appeal is still ongoing at: -


Fundraiser for Jolene Truder by Giles Harry : Laredo Western Town Fawkham (


The town represents the American Wild West as it would have been in 1865 to 1889. The town has 24 buildings including a two-story Hotel with reception area, full-size saloon bar, theatrical-stage, double staircases leading to bedrooms for our own re-enacrors.

Along the street is a Saloon, Marshals Office, working Blacksmiths, Livery Stables, double fronted General Store, Gunsmith, Wells Fargo, Wet-Plate Photographers Studio, Assay Office, Bank, Saddlery, Undertaker, Texas Rangers, Barber, Bakers, Cantina, Tobacconist, Attorneys Office. Complete with boardwalks, hitching rails, horse troughs, shop signage all strung along an unmade old western style street.


Inside the buildings, the decor is completely period, the lighting is by oil lamps and candles, wood burning stoves for cooking and heating, using all the equipment which would have been used during the period.


Laredo Western Club "History"

Laredo was founded in 1971 by keen western enthusiast John Truder, and a group of like-minded friends. John (JT to his friends) had been around horses since he was a young boy, and had owned and bred them on his small-holding for years. Laredo Western Club was formed when the group started to grow and needed a more structured organisation. The beginnings of the town started some years later and has gradually grown to what you see today.


To read the full history see this link  The History of Laredo


Past Times at Laredo  A Members Album taken over 45 years



John Truder J.T.

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